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State-first perpetrator beds now open

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Michelle Lensink MLC | Carolyn Power MP | Better Services

A state-first perpetrator intervention pilot program is now underway, with new dedicated beds open for South Australian men, with the aim of keeping their families safe and providing support for their behaviour.

The nine beds form the final part of a $4 million Marshall Liberal Government commitment to open 40 new crisis beds for South Australians affected by domestic and family violence. The 40 beds include: * Nine beds for a new, perpetrator crisis accommodation pilot * Eight beds in Northern Adelaide and six in Southern Adelaide * 17 beds in the regions including Eyre and Western, Murray and Hills and the Limestone Coast

Men can access support through the new state-funded Men’s Help Line and enquire about crisis accommodation through the Community Transitions Don’t Become That Man phone line.

“The Marshall Liberal Government’s perpetrator intervention trial is the first of its kind in South Australia and is in direct response from feedback from the domestic and family violence sector that more support and interventions for perpetrators are needed,” said Minister Lensink.

“The trial is for men who are worried about their current controlling behaviour and we’re really urging them to reach out for help to break the cycle before it’s too late.

“Men will be offered accommodation and dedicated, wrap-around support.

“To be eligible for support, the victim must not be in a high risk of serious injury or death due to violence, their wellbeing must be assessed as likely to improve by the removal of the perpetrator from the home, and the perpetrator must agree to leave the family home.” Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Carolyn Power said the 12month perpetrator trial will be run by Community Transitions.

“Dedicated support workers will offer a range of culturally appropriate supports to men including counselling, support from specialist domestic and family violence services, drug and alcohol services and support from other government agencies,” said Mrs Power. “This state-first trial will also help us understand what works in terms of Domestic and Family Violence perpetrator prevention and intervention in South Australia.

“It’s a huge leap forward in how we respond to domestic and family violence, because where it’s safe for victims to stay in their homes, it enables them to maintain important supportive connections to school, work, family and community during a traumatic time.”

Mrs Power said new crisis accommodation beds also ensure that more women and their children who need to flee their domestic violence situations have somewhere safe to go. “While living in the short-term crisis accommodation, women will be provided with dedicated case managers to support them into safe and stable housing, including returning safely to home, where possible,” said Mrs Power.

“The support they receive will give them the opportunity and assistance to plan their next steps, while living in a safe place.”

Don’t Become That Man: 1300 243 413

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