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We regret to announce that the Don’t become That Man advice and referral line closed at midnight, 30 June, and we are no longer receiving referrals.


Over the last six months the phone line and counselling service has grown into a key front line tool in addressing controlling and potentially violent behaviour in the home. The Don’t Become That Man phone line service has redirected numerous men away from causing potentially devastating harm to their partners and family and has enabled many more to start accepting and dealing with concerns they have about their behaviour.


Due to our funding being removed, we are unable to maintain the Don’t Become That Man service at present. The decision to cease our funding was unexpected, and we are devastated at having to halt the service. The approach to diverting potential perpetrators of controlling or violent behaviour is proven to work and proven to protect potential victims.  We remain hopeful that we can re-start this vital service in the near future. In the meantime, our innovative Adelaide-based perpetrator accommodation services will continue through to the end of the year. We will also ensure all individuals currently being supported through the advice and referral service will be responsibly transitioned out of the service.  


We would also like to put on record our thanks to the brilliant team who have operated the line for the last six months. The team will spend the next few weeks responsibly transitioning clients to ensure that the safety of women is maintained.


As we transition services to the new provider, we will provide your details to ensure that they continued work of the safety of Women and Children remains a priority.

Man Silouhette Transparent - Grey Final.

Individual Interventions is available for;

  • Men seeking ongoing engagement and counselling.  Referrals may be;

    • Self-referral

    • From alternative service providers (i.e. Family Dispute Workers, Hospitals, Homelessness, Child Protection, DV Crisis Line etc.)

    • Following SAPOL intervention


Accommodation is available for men who are concerned about their current controlling behaviour.  Men can access this accommodation, and dedicated wrap-around support by contacting the Don't Become That Man Contact Centre.

Don't Become That Man Contact Centre
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