1300 24 34 13

Available 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday, South Australian Based

Trained Intervention Counsellors are available to provide support and intervention, specialising in evidence-based engagement with men, with the safety of women and children’s safety central to all.  Facilitating men’s access to services and providing appropriate interventions at identified ‘crisis points’ when men are motivated to address and change their behaviour.  Adopting a tailored intervention program, and provision of interventions suited to men’s individual needs.


The Contact Centre is available for;

  • Men are concerned about that their thoughts and behaviours may include violent and/or controlling behaviours

  • Men who use controlling or violent behaviour seeking intervention and support

  • Women seeking information about men’s use of family violence, and access to supports

  • Family and Friends of people who may be using or experiencing family violence, seeking assistance for others, and/or education for themselves

The contact centre is also available as a referral point for professionals to refer someone seeking additional support/intervention and/or advice about commencing that conversation.

Individual Interventions is available for;

  • Men seeking ongoing engagement and counselling.  Referrals may be;

    • Self-referral – through the DBTM Contact Centre

    • From Men’s Referral Service (24/7) Contact Centre

    • From alternative service providers (i.e. Family Dispute Workers, Hospitals, Homelessness, Child Protection, DV Crisis Line etc.)

    • Following SAPOL intervention


Accommodation is available for men who are concerned about their current controlling behaviour.  Men can access this accommodation, and dedicated wrap-around support by contacting the Don't Become That Man Contact Centre.