What will happen when someone calls the contact centre?

A trained intervention counsellor will be available to take calls from persons seeking support and/or information.  Intervention counsellors will provide an immediate response to the reason for contact, brief/crisis intervention, address risk diminishing behaviours and assess risk and safety.


What happens after someone has called the contact centre?

Men who are seeking additional support and intervention can be offered individual counselling sessions with intervention counsellors and/or may be referred on to more suitable services as required

What happens if I need to call at night, or on the weekend?

The Men’s Referral Service is available nationally, 24/7, and can be contacted on 1300 776 491

What will the counselling look like?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions currently, individual counselling sessions will be over the phone, or via a virtual platform (i.e. Zoom).  A trained intervention counsellor will schedule appointments and contact men to engage in the services. 

Counselling will be tailored to the individual, and incorporate relevant counselling modalities, and risk and safety assessment and measures, supporting motivation for change and accountability for actions, to ensure behaviour is no longer harmful to women or children.

How many appointments can I have?

Standard intervention response will be 10 counselling sessions.  Additional sessions may be provided in agreement with client and counsellor

Confidentiality & Privacy

All clients are afforded privacy and confidentiality, and information will not be shared with persons without knowledge or consent.  Limitations to this do include requirements for mandatory reporting of any child safety or welfare concerns in accordance with legislation.  Community Transitions subscribe to the Information Sharing Guidelines, where there is a reasonable suspicion of harm (or potential harm), information may need to be sought from or provided to another organisation so that services can be effectively coordinated to safeguard children or adults.