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New $660,000 service supporting South Australian men

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Michelle Lensink MLC | Carolyn Power MP | Better Services

A new support program targeted specifically at men is providing early intervention services for South Australians at risk of perpetrating domestic violence in a bid to stem violent behaviours.

Backed by a $660,000 Marshall Liberal Government boost, the new Don’t Become That Man service is being delivered by Community Transitions.

Men will be referred to the service through the new, dedicated 24/7 Men’s Referral Service hotline, funded for the first-time by the Marshall Liberal Government.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said the Don’t Become That Man program will provide much-needed support to those at risk of perpetrating domestic violence.

“We really hope the new Don’t Become That Man service will encourage men to seek help before they resort to any form of violence or abuse and before their behaviour escalates out of control, so they can take steps to make positive changes in their lives,” said Minister Lensink.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from domestic violence front-line services the need to fund additional help and support services for perpetrators, in order to stop the cycle of violence before it’s too late.

“Providing support to perpetrator early intervention not only helps men but it aims to keep women and children safe too and I really urge all South Australians to seek support, if they need it.”

Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention said the new service complemented the Marshall Liberal Government’s new Break the Cycle advertising campaign.

“The Marshall Liberal Government was able to fast-track this new service through a $2.4 million Federal Government injection for immediate support for DV services in South Australia, which includes funding for Don’t Become That Man, the new men’s hotline and our new advertising campaign, Break the Cycle,” said Mrs Power.

“We want to break the cycle of domestic abuse so it is important that men have the support to be able to understand their behaviour and take steps to make positive changes.

“Our Break the Cycle advertising campaign highlights that there is a cycle of abuse, and there is a way out.

“The ads, which are currently running on TV, radio and online, encourage men using abusive behaviour to contact the 24/7 Men’s Referral Service, and if they want help, they will then be referred onto Community Transitions.”

Community Transitions CEO Leigh Garrett said the service encourages men to think about the consequences of their behaviour escalating out of control.

Don’t Become That Man will provide immediate assistance by offering prevention and longer-term support to men before harm occurs to women and children,” said Mr Garrett.

“Our trained intervention counsellors will connect men with treatment and support services, and facilitate counselling sessions which are tailored to the individual supporting motivation for change and accountability for actions.

“The program will use phone and video contact, and face to face where possible and group sessions will also be available.

“Partners and family members are also encouraged to call the service, if someone in their family needs help.”

Don’t Become That Man: 1300 24 34 13

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