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A Question of Violence

Updated: May 2

A new self-assessment questionnaire has been created to help men recognise any tendencies towards domestic violence.

The State Government-funded initiative poses seven questions to men and if they answer “yes” to any of them, they are urged to call a domestic violence hotline.

The questions are:

DO you think there are right and wrong ways a woman should behave in a relationship?

DO you even become anxious, annoyed or suspicious if you don’t know where your partner is?

HAVE you ever checked your partner’s phone, social media or email accounts?

DO you ever raise your voice, shout or grab your partner to make a point?

HAVE you ever pushed, grabbed or hit your partner?

HAVE you ever “punished” your partner for something you feel they’ve done wrong?

HAS anyone ever suggested you change your behaviour towards your partner?

“If you or someone you know could answer yes to any of the above, it might be worth a call to our hotline before it’s too late,” the questionnaire reads.

The service is part of the Don’t Become That Man campaign, which aims to intervene and divert men away from abusive behaviour.

Not-for-profit organisation Community Transitions is delivering the program.

The questionnaire went live on the campaign website on Thursday ahead of its official launch on Tuesday.

“This is not about giving abusive men a shoulder to cry on – this is about getting in early and directing potential perpetrators away from controlling behaviour and from harming their partners,” Community Transitions chief executive officer Leigh Garrett said.

“We have already seen a cross section of men in South Australia getting in touch with us to start the journey towards addressing their behaviour.

“The more men we can speak to and support, the more women we can protect.”

The questionnaire will be available via while the hotline can be accessed by calling 1300 243 413.

By: Elizabeth Henson

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